Hello! I am the Vin in the VINNOVATOR. Vinamr in Hindi means polite, and Arya is my last name. Well as you would have probably guessed by now, I love to innovate and do something different. Born and brought up in Sonipat city of Haryana, India, I have won accolades as an Aeromodeller, artist, violinist, cricketer and for my innovative creations over the years. I started my schooling at the age of 3 with Mother's Pride play school after which I joined DPS International and studied till Class 1st, then I was shifted to DPS Rohini. Then came a turning point, which raised my self confidence and propelled me to new heights in Class 5th I joined Mayo College Ajmer, also known as Eton of the East, one of the most reputed schools in the Indian subcontinent. The 4 year stay in Mayo groomed me into a mature, focused and confident young boy. At present I am pursuing my senior secondary as the Headboy of the school from Little Angels School, Sonepat-my native town.

I got introduced to Aeromodelling in Class 7th while studying in Mayo. Since my toddler days any moving vehicle intrigued me. The bigger the wheels of a vehicle, the more the appeal. Since the age of 5 I have constantly been trying to make something that matters. The T.V. Show M.A.D replete with creative ideas inspired me, while creating anything. As I matured, my focus again shifted to vehicles, my first 'tough' project took about a month to complete. Since then there was no stopping me, I won many prizes in my school for the projects I made. Introduction to Aeromodelling enhanced my skills with wood and electronics. Recently I won a couple of national awards in aeromodelling for flying my RC Plane. And I owe it all to the unstinting support and motivation of my parents, uncle Mr. Pradeep and instructor Mr. Janardhan. In india aeromodelling is still in an adolescent stage and thus I feel it is important to nurture it. It's a very exciting hobby and very fruitful too. I just helped in launching an Aeromodelling Club in my school and wish to do so in other schools too so that others can also make the most of it. I believe that aeromodelling is the basic application of science that we study in schools these days. If anyone needs to know any thing about the hobby and wants to learn about it, please feel free to contact me.

Drawing has been more of a personal past time. You can find many of my sketches on this website. What started as a past time got matured in Mayo, which earned him State level position along with National and International participation. Like drawing, my love for music also got nurtured in Mayo where I took up violin. My passion for music bore results and I got selected for the school Orchestra(1 of the 7 violinists) that performed with Vishal and Shekhar, famous Bollywood composers. I have also cleared the Trinity Initial Grade for violin. Sports too have played an integral part in shaping my personality. I have played various sports during the past decade and a half including hockey, football, squash, tennis, table tennis, swimming, horse riding, and my personal favourite-cricket. I excelled in horse riding as a kid and as a cricketer in the later years. Being involved in a variety of activities, never deterred me from concentrating on academics. I believe diligence, focussed approach and determination to excel helps to attain whatsoever we want in life. I feel happy that I have been able to maintain good score over the years. I hope to carve a niche for myself in the years to come.