Although I took up aeromodelling in the 7th standard, my passion for planes has nurtured since I first flew in the one. My keen interest helped me to excel in the hobby. I have won laurels at the National level: 1st in Nation Aeromodellers Meet held at Pinjore, Haryana and 2nd in 1st National Aeromodellers Championship held at Amreli, Gujrat. In India aeromodelling is still in an adolescent stage and thus I feel it is important to nurture it. It's a very exciting hobby and very fruitful too. I have just helped in launching an Aeromodelling Club in my school and wish to do so in other schools too so that others can also make the most of it. I believe that aeromodelling is the basic application of science that we study in schools these days. If anyone needs to know any thing about the hobby and wants to learn about it please feel free to contact me through the Contact Me page on this website.